Monday, July 26, 2010

Just the two of us: LA in transit.

Months ago when I booked my ticket to fly home, I asked the boy if he would like to fly out to LA with me. I cannot even begin to tell you how nice it was to have some special time together. Just us. Pretending to be tourists. Exploring a new city. Sharing a cupcake. Talking. Believing in our hopes and dreams. We lived a little bit in denial, enjoyed ourselves, cried, laughed together. And when I left, it felt so much like I'd left a part of me behind, like something was missing.

"Thank you for making my heart smile."


LA in pictures.

We checked in and of course after rushing and running around like madmen, we found out our flight was delayed. Then, the realtor called and said she was showing the house that night. The same house in which while rushing and running around like a madmen, I had thrown stuff everywhere, where unwanted clothes laid haphazardly, and all the extra things I couldn't take with me were stuffed into every possible crevice and spot. Yes, I'm sure the lovely couple that came to see the house were totally impressed with the crap that exploded all over and the dog that was going crazy.


So we took a bunch of pictures at the airport.

checked in and delayed.


We were starving and got in crazy late so we had the most delicious pizza from the hotel. The chef stayed late to make us that special pizza and it was amazing. Who knew cilantro on a pizza could taste this good?

The next day, while trying to decide between Santa Monica or Universal Studios, the concierge told us about this trolley that took us to the Manhattan Beach area for only $5!

trolley to the beach!

While waiting, we took the requisite picture with palm trees.
palm trees and traffic.

A requisite self portrait.

bus stop boredom.

...we also discovered that Joe is freakishly tall.

as tall as the sign!

We had skipped breakfast so we thought it was only appropriate that we started with desserts first.

of course we hunted down a bakery.

cookies and cupcakes and pastries and nomnomnom.

Maple BACON Cupcake!!

maple bacon cupcakes!

And we ended up with these choices.

our choices.

And of all odd reasons, we felt like some Mexican.

nacho salsa

nacho salsa

We stumbled upon an incredible farmer's market. With kebabs and chiropractors. Balloon makers and crepes. Handmade baskets and a shit ton of nannies/kids.

Also, the juiciest peaches and sweetest berries.

farmer's market berries.

It tickled my little eco-conscious lover that they had trash cans for recycling.

recycle trash bins!

We shopped and saw bougainvilleas, which reminded me so much of my childhood and home.


flippie-floppies pointless photo.

but more importantly, we found the beach!

manhattan beach.

manhattan beach pier.

manhattan beach.

wait for it...wait for it...

going home take 2

And for dinner, we went to Gladstones in Malibu.


We had a gorgeous view and spent dinner watching a beautiful sunset and making new friends.

freaking gorgeous!


sunset dinner

i think i could live here.

For $39.99 a dish, the food was okay. Not incredible but okay. I was a little disappointed.

market seafood pasta.
crusted spice ahi tuna.

But more excitingly, they wrapped up our leftovers! This amused me for hours.

wrapping left overs.


The man is a genius!


That night, we had a glass of wine at the bar. Joe pouted and showed off his unexpected sunburn. Apparently, the rays were a little more vicious than we thought.


The next day, early, sunblocked, and ready, we took a 7hr "Grand Tour of LA". We pretty much went to every available tourist trap. It was silly, exhausting, disappointing, fun, depressing, annoying, scary, and long. I think we mostly spent the day trying not to remember that I was leaving that night. We'd both been to LA on separate trips so there wasn't really anything new. I think we did it more to do it together and have something to do than anything. It definitely wasn't what we expected but we made the best of it.

tour bus

tour bus

tour bus

And that night, we had dinner at the hotel, did some last minute packing, took the shuttle to the airport, cried and prayed together and then said goodbye.

boarding sad face.
That, that kinda sucked.