Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July weekend, in picture form.

I bought a simple black and white dress that made me six kinds of happy so of course I hid in our bathroom that's completely being torn apart and camwhored. :)

Then we went on an impromptu date to the park where we took some cheesy cheesy photos. :)


Cone flower love.

More pink flowers please.

And because Target is awesome, we made the ultimate discovery of 24 inch bones. I argued Sylar's case on why he would possibly really really NEED a huge bone. But I lost. Apparently, it was a waste or a little over the top or something. :P

Fourth of July roses! This amused me for hours and made me giggle.

We stopped to marvel at a gorgeous sunset. While at Sam's. Getting all kinds of yummy fruit, and other random crap that screamed at us to buy me! buy me! buy me!

And that night, we went to a friend's place on the pretext of borrowing a hose, but it ended up being a two hour visit where we laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more.

We went to church and watched some special friends get baptized for Freedom Splash. They preached about dreams. I got teary eyed.

And because we were already on the north side of town, it was critically important that we went to Cracker Barrell before I left. Cracker Barrell has a very special place in my heart and the Campfire Beef thingamagic makes me happy beyond words. Awesome wrapped in foil doesn't even begin to cover it.

We went to "I Love America", possibly my favoritest ever place to be on my favoritest ever American holiday. :)


But mostly, I thought about how everything was different but yet the same from two years ago and how amazing this ride has been.

And then we watched another brilliant sunset.

The boy mostly didn't have to work so I had 4 and a half uninterrupted days with him which made me deliciously happy.

Speaking of delicious, we laid down a blanket had pineapple whip and corn dogs and sweet tea and attempted to stand in line for funnel cake but the thousands and thousands of people scared us a little.

Plus, we couldn't miss the fireworks!!

But most of all, we had a damn good time, and a great weekend.

And when we left, instead of fighting with 7000 other cars, we parked, in the middle of nowhere, reclined our seats and talked while everyone else fought to get out of there. We talked about life, about everything and nothing at all, enjoyed each other, enjoyed the moment and counted our many blessings.

"Sometimes the things you're most afraid of end up being the happiest"