Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet Ass Faith.

I called her, after. Fingers shaking, heart pounding out of my chest, needing to tear apart and analyze and be reassured. We met, in a little bar, a favorite...nothing like a strong drink at three in the afternoon. She said, take a picture. Remember this moment. And I thought, why in the hell would I want to to remember this moment?!? But I did it anyway. And she was Right.This, this is the day, it finally ended and everything began.

For a long time, I was so afraid I would lose who I was, my optimism, my positivity, my love for the little things. I was afraid I had lost my light, my beacon of sunshine and rainbows, my ability to smile like there was no tommorow or burst out laughing so hard I made funny sounds or just be simply easily amused. I was afraid that my spirit was crushed, the core of who I was torn and that I would be always so lost, so heartbroken, so cynical and angry forever.

So tonight, tonight as I lay my head down and see just how incredibly blessed I am, I see the bigger picture. I see God's amazing hand in the friendships I have built, the relationships that have been tested and strengthened. I see the bigger picture...and I so completely get it.

Tonight I can acknowledge how important it was to break, to fall, to be shook to my rebuild. Because I appreciate so much more, I appreciate the definition of family and friendship, I appreciate what it means to love and be loved, I appreciate the little things I never saw before, never knew existed, things that were never tested or tried.

I'm at peace with the things that happened...I have forgiven, I have worked through, I have come to accept and move on and let go. But more than that, I am excited, excited for the things to come and the journey and all of the many many lessons that this will take me.

I wrote tonight of the decision to come home, of taking a year off to find myself, of praying and believing, of finding faith and trusting. I wrote of healing and loving again, of being excited and nervous at the same time, of being true to who I was and listening.

A year and a half ago, I thought I was happy, fulfilled. And the rug was pulled beneath me, I questioned, I cried, I was devastated and I wanted to know why? What now? How did this happen? How could this happen?

Tonight, I sift through hundreds of pictures of the "and everything after", an album of memories and how far I've come, of the love, the sacrifices, the joy. Each shot, a reminder of the emotions at that time, a marker. And I am blessed. I am so so very blessed.

I didn't know happy then, I didn't know blessed then, I didn't even really know much of everything then.

So tonight, as I prepare to go to bed, as we talk and crackbook and Twitter I realize, despite everything, I haven't lost me. I haven't lost the things I was so afraid I would.

It's taken a while but I'm here. I'm still me. I still believe and am sunshiney happy happy joy joy me.

And that, that is pretty freaking sweet.

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"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."